Moscow Mule Recipe: Tasty & Timeless

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Rare are the cocktails that don’t have a cool name that has stood the test of time, but the Moscow Mule never had that problem. One of the coolest, most intriguing names in the mixing world stands in front of one of the most refreshing drinks that is surprisingly easy to make while having a very cool, distinctive look.

The Moscow Mule looks old school and hipsterish at the same time, is refreshing and has a quite a kick to it, it’s rich in taste but uses common ingredients, so it really has a lot to offer.

Moscow Mule History

It might be surprising that the Moscow Mule doesn’t have an origin story related to Russia, on the contrary, it was made in the United States of America. This simplistic drink was made back in 1941 and it has two different origin stories. The first, more commonly known and somewhat more romantic story is that three people made it happen together. According to the legend John G. Martin, a distributor of spirits and food, Sophie Berezinski of the Moscow Copper Co., and Jack Morgan the president of a ginger beer producing company came together and decided to make a drink of the products they had. So Morgan’s ginger beer, Martin’s Smirnoff vodka, and Sophie’s copper mugs.

The other story is that the Moscow Mule was created as a bartender wanted to faster move the product he had in storage so he created the drink.

Moscow Mule Ingredients

– Vodka
– Lime
– Ginger Beer
– Lime
– Fresh ginger (optional)

While the name Moscow Mule is regarded as random it’s easy to see why it got connected to the capital of Russia, as it has vodka and a lot of ice in it. Also, they say that this drink kicks like a mule, so keep that in mind when serving Moscow Mules.

Moscow Mule Recipe

The instructions on how to make a Moscow Mule are some of the simplest in the cocktail world, similar to the Tom Collins as it is also a great summer drink.

Traditionally, Moscow Mule is made and served in a copper mug, and you should really try to make it in one as it gives the necessary style to it and makes it a unique mixing and drinking experience. It gives it that old school cool feel, similar to the vibe of the Rusty Nail.

Start by putting ice all the way to the top of the mug, this will make condensation on the mug which also gives the Moscow Mule drink that special feel, and a summer vibe. It just lures the dry mouths towards it with the mere look.

After putting the ice in, pour two ounces of vodka in the mug, then squeeze a half of ounce of lime juice into it and top of the mug with ginger beer. Proceed to garnish the cup with a sliced piece of lime. If the drink is too strong for you or the person you’re making it for, cut back to one and a half ounces of vodka.

The classic recipe is the best Moscow Mule recipe, but there is an additional touch you can make to put an exclamation point to the drink and that is putting a long slice of fresh ginger in it.

Now you know how to make a Moscow Mule, a drink that might associate to winter, but is perfect for summer, although it is not a tiki like the Pina Colada for instance.

Tell us what you think of the Moscow Mule and what do you think of this recipe to make it?

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