The Ice Cream Doughnut Is A Real Thing And Now I’m Dead

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Will you get diabetes after eating this? Probably. But hey, it still looks delicious as all hell.

It’s not often we take the time to talk about food, as most recently we actually told you folks certain foods and drinks you should quit before it destroys your health. But not this time around — this time around we want you all to stuff your face with what might become your new favorite dessert: the ‘Halo.’ It’s ice cream stuffed inside of a doughnut.

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But how do you properly store this amazing piece of dessert? Well the shop behind the ice cream doughnut is called B Sweet Dessert Bar and they are located in Los Angeles, and they have the perfect solution. The doughnut is heat sealed and made to order. And because of that the ice cream stays cold while the doughnut stays warm. Perfection.

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So if you’re lucky enough to be in the LA area, make sure to stop by this shop and stuff your face with as many ‘Halos’ as possible. Some flavors include vanilla, cookies and cream, rocky road, chocolate malted crunch and more.

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