Bad News Beers: Common Beers That Are More Unhealthy Than You Realize

Photo: Columbia Pictures

It’s no mindblower that beer isn’t exactly healthy for you, but we’re not sure you realize how unhealthy a lot of very common beers are for you. Thanks to a little research (, into the ingredients of many commonly devoured domestics and typical imported beers you see on bar shelves, we’re giving you the bad news beers, one sad fact at a time.

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While many of the high quantity, affordable suds we suck down (despite their watered-down taste) are seemingly harmless, there are lots of calories, carbs and corn in these babies we aren’t accounting for, along with dangerous ingredients, some of which can be linked to the development of cancer cells.

If it’s your hangover you’re worried about, look again at the labels and see the genetically modified materials and food coloring added to some of your favorite beers, then think again about what you’re pouring down your gullet. It’s OK if you have a little beer gut, just make sure it’s not a genetically modified beer gut. Just try a well-made, honest craft brew instead.

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