What Does Sex Feel Like for a Girl?

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Almost everything we do in life is related to sex, so it makes sense that some of the most frequent questions on the internet are about it. While the young people who have never had sex usually ask about various parts of the process, some other, more experienced users, utilize the web to the max and get a bit more creative. For men, one of the greatest mysteries of life is how women perceive sex and what the differences are. Although you probably never asked the question yourself, we’ll offer you a thorough answer because every day you learn something new is a day well spent. So, what does sex feel like for a girl?

Vaginal Sex

Obviously, the main thing guys want to know is what penis inside a vagina feels like. As you know, sexual pleasure isn’t easily described, especially to the opposite sex. The best way that women can describe this is by saying that they feel like they’re full. Considering that genitals are designed to be somewhat complementary, it’s not really surprising. Vaginal sex usually involves stimulation of the vagina’s inner walls, clitoris, and the G-spot so it’s quite a full experience. Once she reaches the climax, a pleasurable wave goes through her entire vagina and offers quite an incredible experience.

Pro tip: In case you don’t know where the G-spot is – it’s about two inches in and up. You’re welcome.

Oral Sex

Considering how the vagina is a complex organ consisting of a number of different layers and elements, it’s only logical that an oral sex can offer a more intricate experience. Since lubrication is the key to every good sexual encounter, oral sex is a great option for those who have trouble maintaining the necessary moisture. Of course, unless the guy performing it is Gene Simmons, this form of pleasure excludes the G-spot or any other form of deep penetration. On the other hand, a girl gets to enjoy the clitoris stimulation to an incredible degree, because of the constant lubrication. For many women, this is the primary way of achieving orgasm because of its focused nature. It is imperative that you stop as soon as she climaxes because the sensation after it turns into pain.

Anal Sex

It may come as a surprise, but for most women, anal sex is just a painful experience that doesn’t bring a lot of pleasure on its own. In fact, experts on the subject state that the only way it works is with a simultaneous clitoris stimulation that turns any slight pain from this type of sex into a feeling of pleasure. Of course, to make sure your female partner doesn’t feel any extreme discomfort, you should always use a lot of lube for this act. Women state that with the right kind of precaution and thoughtfulness throughout, anal sex can be quite enjoyable and unique sensation.


We’ve saved the foreplay for last because you’re more likely to remember it this way. When you’re having sex with a girl, don’t forget the foreplay. It is an important part that both sets the mood and helps the woman get wet enough. To some women, this is easily among the most enjoyable parts of sex, because it involves a number of different regions and parts of the body. It is said that women have a lot of erogenous zones, so a foreplay is truly an exploration game. For example, a girl’s neck and earlobes are full of nerve endings that give sexual pleasure. Since all women are different, you might have to discover all these zones yourself. Just observe the reaction.

Hopefully, this article was somewhat informative and helpful to you. You may read tons and tons of material on it online, but at the end of the day, the best way to find out how a girl experiences sex is to simply ask her. Sometimes the simple way is the right way.


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