Erotic Spanking: All You Need to Know

Photo: VikaValter (Getty Images)

Although it does not seem like such an important element, erotic spanking can actually spice up your love life if done properly. Most of the time, it is the women that enjoy getting spanked since it stimulates a few more of their numerous erogenous zones. Considering how this means that men are usually the ones who do the spanking, they need to know what they’re doing. Bad spanking can be too loud, too aggressive, not stimulating enough, etc. A good spanking can improve foreplay by a lot, increase the duration of sex sessions and strengthen orgasms. So, let us show you the ropes so you can become a professional spanker as well.

The Science Behind Erotic Spanking

As boring as it may sound, the first thing we need to discuss here is the theory behind erotic spanking. How and why does it work? Well, first of all, there’s the physical sensation. If done properly, spanking actually stimulates a person’s genitals (indirectly, obviously) and creates a subtle sensation that is, no doubt, pleasurable. On the other hand, there’s the psychological aspect of it. Erotic spanking can also have a lot to do with roleplay and pretend-punishment that flares up one’s imagination and makes the sexual experience much more intense. Spanking is used heavily in BDSM along with bondage and other elements.

How to Spank Properly

Sure, anyone can spank casually in the heat of the moment but it takes a bit of practice to do it properly and help your partner achieve maximum pleasure. So, when spanking, you should focus on “the meatiest” part of your partner’s behind. Try to go as low as you can, without actually hitting the leg. It is important to go low in order to be able to stimulate the genital region successfully with every hit. Use your partner’s reactions to find out if it’s actually working and to what extent. You will have to use the same principle to find the perfect amount of force used. Unless she directly demands it, don’t ever spank so hard that you leave a trace. Another important thing to remember is to take off any jewelry you might have as it can cause unwanted injuries.

Extra Erotic Spanking Tips

Now, what is the difference between a casual spanker and a man who knows what he’s doing? As they say – God is in the details, so here are a couple of tips that will make you stand out in the sea of average spankers. Try to finish every spank with a slow, sensual and thoughtful caress. Also, use the timing to your advantage. Do your best to be as irregular and spontaneous as possible. If you swing your hand when she’s not expecting it, the sensation will be much more intense. Remember to combine spanking with other actions like kissing and caressing. Don’t make her feel like she’s actually being punished for something and keep reminding her that you’re there for her pleasure. Of course, if you’re into BDSM, you might need to revise these pieces of advice.

Spanking Positions

Now that you know everything about erotic spanking, you also need to think about positions. You can’t just turn her around and go at it. You need to think which position is most comfortable for your partner. The first thing that, obviously, obviously comes to mind is bending her over your knee as it evokes childhood memories. The problem with this position is that it puts quite a lot of strain on her stomach and isn’t great for longer sex sessions. If you’re truly committed to this form of intimate entertainment, your best option is to lay her on the stomach and add a cushion or two below her pelvis. This should elevate her behind but won’t cause much stress to her stomach. Once she’s up, you’re free to devote yourself to spanking completely.

Have you ever tried erotic spanking? How bad were you at it? Let us know.