Tom Hanks Tweeted A Photo Of A Super Creepy Building And The Internet Had A Bunch Of Conspiracy Theories

Photo: Columbia Pictures

Tom Hanks is a pretty great guy, and there are plenty of examples of that. There was the time that the Oscar winner sent a fan a hilarious headshot of himself, and there was also the time Hanks was asked to recite the rap from Big and he actually did it. And Hanks is also a big deal on Twitter, and he shares plenty of photos for his fans. But one recent photo Hanks shared got the internet buzzing.

Hanks took it to his Twitter to share a photo of a building in New York City that creeps the hell out of him. Take a look at the building below:

It’s pretty clear that this building has no windows at all, so obviously some crazy stuff has to be happening in there, right? Well here is what the internet thinks.

Well, here’s the truth thanks to Twitter users who decided to research.

This building is called the Long Lines building, and according to Atlas Obscura, it was originally built by AT&T to “house carrier exchanges for its long distance call equipment.” Today the building is also said to be used by the NSA, as it can operate for up to two weeks off the grid. Oh, the building is also said to be designed to survive a nuclear fallout.

So there you have it, folks. That’s where all the rich politicians will be stored when someone drops a bomb on us.

h/t Mashable

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