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Technology’s purpose is to make our lives a little bit easier, a little more efficient, a little less stressful and more productive. So outfit yourself and your living and work environments with innovative products that are sure to advance your goals, or, in the least, relieve some pressure from day-to-day expectations.

At the top of the list is tech accessories that increase punctuality. Yeah, we call those watches. Master your schedule and look good doing it by relying on a timepiece that is as efficient as it is eco-friendly. The Eco-Drive watches by Citizen are powered by light (natural and artificial), which means it wont stop ticking until you do.

To help prep in the mornings, stash your goods away in stylish carryalls for your cords, like the Leather Charger Roll Up by Mark and Graham, or the Minimalist Folio by Poketo. Not only will your equipment remain protected, but it will keep you looking utterly organized.

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Keeping calm as you keep your busy schedule is one thing, another is keeping one step ahead of the inevitable. Stay prepared for untimely and unexpected battery fails by keeping a travel-sized one in your backpack or briefcase at all times. The Battery Cable by Nomad is especially portable and acts as a charging chord and battery pack capable of reviving your all-important smartphone.

Plenty more inspired tech accessories are available to creatively kick-start a productive day. From revolutionary earbuds to advanced textiles, increased productivity and sensory stimulation are just a credit card swipe away.

Innovative Designer Tech Accessories: