You Won’t Find This Chronowatch C-Max Call Time Smartwatch This Inexpensive at the Prime Early Access Sale

For someone who says they have no time for BS, you do spend a good amount of it screaming at Alexa to do all sorts of things like check on the weather, stats, and (of course) the time. Robots make everything a little easier (or louder, at least), but sometimes you just need to have a good old-fashioned watch paired with a robot to give you the skinny. This Chronowatch C-Max Call Time Smartwatch is just that. To sweeten the pot, it’s on sale as part of our version of Prime Day during Mandatory’s Deal Days event.

With a huge 1.7” full-color, touchscreen display that you can customize with an image of your choosing, this baby is so much more than a crusty analog watch. It’s got a cozy silicone band, so your wrist never feels constricted.

Need something super durable? We’ve got you covered over here. With IP67 waterproof functioning, It’s perfect for sports, working out, or just getting your chill on.

Remember when we said it’s more than just a watch? Literally, it truly is all-encompassing. You can use your new wrist candy to answer calls, make calls, look at messages and call alerts, check the weather, monitor sleep, playback music, keep a stopwatch, adjust your screen brightness, track multi-sport fitness, monitor your health, set alarms and reminders, set up your remote camera shutter, and so much more. If you lose your new watch (it’s OK, buddy, you’ve got a lot going on) the find-my-watch alert function will bring you two back together.

Get the Chronowatch C-Max Call Time Smartwatch, which includes a USB charging cable and manual, for $39.99 (Reg. $49.99). And, hey, if you’re looking for more awesome deals during our Deal Days, check out all the steals here. Act fast, this sale is only going on until Oct. 12 at 11:59 p.m.

Prices subject to change.