5 Creative Mimosa Recipes

If you’re planning a special event during the day, serving something heavy like vodka or bourbon whiskey simply won’t do. You need something light enough to remind people that it’s a day event and that they should behave themselves (no skinny-dipping in the nearby fountain or passing out on the unsuspecting elderly) and something festive enough to keep the event special. This is where mimosa cocktails come in. They are refreshing, sparkly drinks that will, no doubt, liven up the party. However, what is a mimosa cocktail exactly and how to make one? Well, we’re here to answer these questions and provide you with 5 incredibly creative Mimosa recipes that will blow your mind.

What Is a Mimosa Drink?

So, let’s start off with a definition first? A mimosa cocktail is a combination of champagne or any other sparkling wine (if you’re cheap) and some citrus juice. These are the two main components that make a mimosa, but you can change them up and add other things to really spice up the drink. The reason why it’s called mimosa is because of its bright yellow color reminiscent of the flower mimosa (mindblown, we know). It is said that the original mimosa cocktail was first created in the well-known exclusive French hotel – the Ritz, which is probably why this drink feels so special. There is also one famous variation of the mimosa recipe called Buck’s fizz which contains twice the amount of champagne and is designed for a more informal and intoxicating experience.

Watermelon Mimosa

The first mimosa recipe that you should really try is certainly the watermelon mimosa. The main difference is, as you might have guessed, that instead of the classic orange juice, here you use a watermelon mixed with the champagne in equal measures. Once you’ve mixed these two components, all you need to do is add a little bit of lime juice to flavor the concoction and that’s it. What makes this version so great is the fact that the watermelon juice is both refreshing and rehydrating, which diminishes the negative effects of a hangover and keeps drinking fun (without consequences). Of course, the name mimosa might be a bit problematic as it will no longer be yellow, but you’ll just have to learn to live with it.

Kumquat Ginger Mimosa

If you’re looking for something a bit more exotic, you should definitely try kumquat ginger mimosa. For those of you not familiar with this small, orange fruit, it’s an extremely flavorful and vitamin-rich thing that simply excels in a cocktail like a mimosa. However, because of its full taste, you need to combine it with the right kind of sparkling wine like the Spanish dry white Cava. You can add to the mix a little bit of ginger to stop the kumquat‘s acidity and create a nice and, above all, healthy drink. Nothing beats sipping this extraordinary cocktail on a hot summer day as you celebrate your special event.

Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosa

Now, here’s quite an odd mix that you’ll fall in love immediately. Don’t let the smokey pink cocktail fool you, it’s still a mimosa that will work amazing for your next brunch. Besides the obvious strawberry and grapefruit, you’ll also need a little bit of tequila to get that Mexican feel to the drink. You mix these three ingredients together and combine it with a special kind of champagne – pink Moscato that will complement the taste and add to the amazing color of it. The sour-sweet mix is prevalent in this mimosa, but that little bit of tequila really unifies the exotic tastes.

Frozen Cranberry Orange Mimosa

Speaking of cocktails that are quite perfect for your summer events, one mimosa drink really stands out from a crowd. You might think that cranberry and orange mix is good enough, but you would never guess how much this cocktail changes when its ingredients are frozen. You freeze little bits of cranberry and orange, mash them all together and add some bubbly drink of your choice. According to some admirers of this drink, the best wine to use here is the Italian prosecco because it doesn’t cost as much as champagne and has quite a nice flavor to it.

Pear Thyme Mimosa

For the end, we thought we’d suggest something light and soothing that will still look quite dashing and elegant to your guests. What you need, though, is fresh pear nectar, made from naturally squeezed pears (those commercial juices are out of the question) that you will pour into a glass and combine with a little bit of fresh thyme. The same principle that works for any mimosa is used here as well – the same amount of pear-thyme mix and champagne in one glass. It is best that you add the fizzy drink last because its carbonation will help mix the ingredients just the right way. Tasty, soft and elegant – this mimosa is a great cocktail for any occasion.

What is your favorite sparkling mimosa? Have you tried any of these? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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