If You’re Into Taking A Crap Where You Eat This Is The Apartment For You

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As the old saying goes, “don’t shit where you eat.” Well, the makers behind this San Francisco apartment have never heard of such a saying.

Being from NYC I understand that you’re never going to get bang for your buck, as you will be handing out a lot of bucks and ending up with a living space the size of a closet. And oh, that closet you’re living in won’t even have an actual closet. But if you’re lucky, I mean really lucky, you won’t have to take a dump in the kitchen. Unless you’re into that. If you are, you can have this $2,000 a month apartment.

The studio apartment, shared on NextDoor, doesn’t look all bad at first, as according to the landlord it comes with parking, and it’s meant for “one person.”

Photo: SFist

What’s that? You enjoy cooking? Well, this shoebox apartment even has a nice, modern looking kitchen. Take a look!

Photo: SFist

And when we said modern, we mean really modern, because while you’re waiting for that Hot Pocket of yours to defrost, you can take a dump. Yep, you heard it right, the toilet (and the shower) are right in the kitchen. And it’s a glass shower so your partner can take a look at you while she eats her Ramen Noodles.

Here you go.

Photo: SFist

It’s like they forgot to built a bathroom, and when they realized it it was too late so they just threw a shower and a toilet in the kitchen. But hey, you’d get to live in San Fran, and use the bathroom while you’re buddy makes some popcorn right next to you.

Just make sure there were no murders there.

h/t Elite Daily

As long as the toilet doesn’t have this: So An 8-Foot Cobra Was Found Chilling Inside Of An Apartment Toilet


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