Being A Lazy Bum Is Actually A Sign Of High Intelligence

Photo: FOX

Finally, a study to back up what I’ve been saying for years: I’m a smart, lazy bastard.

More good news, folks. Now that we know that cursing is a sign of high intelligence, we can add being lazy to that, too. According to new research, people with higher IQs don’t get bored easily, so of course they have no issue spending their time just thinking while doing nothing. Absolutely. Nothing. And on the flip-side, people who aren’t as smart need more stimulation from physical or external activity to cure their boredom. Makes sense.

Being A Lazy Bum Is Actually A Sign Of High Intelligence


The research and new findings were gathered by scientists from the Florida Gulf Coast University, as they did a test called “the need for cognition” just to see how their students would react to different scenarios. This test was all about asking participants to rate how much they agreed with statements, and how necessary it is for each individual to think in their daily lives.

Afterwards, a few “thinkers” and “non thinkers” were then selected from those who took the test, and their movements were tracked for a week to test their activity levels. What they discovered from all this tracking is that the “thinkers” were a lot less active than those “non-thinkers.” So there you have it; us lazy folks are just too damn smart for this world.


And hey, even the Journal of Health Psychology  described this new information as “highly significant,” and “robust,” so you know it holds some water. Well, I’m gonna go park my ass on the couch now. You know, because I’m smart.


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