19 Crazy Confessions From People Headed To Prison

Photo: Netflix

Yes, it usually seems that we talk about sex when it comes to Whisper, but the confession platform also has a lot more great material, and that’s were the confessions below come into play.

I myself have never been to prison, as I have seen enough episodes of The Wire to know that I wouldn’t last ten minutes, but if you are someone who has been to prison for committing a crime then chance are you didn’t have a rad experience. And that is something that the men and women below are aware of because they were able to reveal their thoughts and feelings before heading off to prison to serve their sentence. Most are filled with anxiety and fear of course, but there are some that have no regrets in doing what they did.

So shape up, watch some episodes of Beyond Scared Straight, and try not to end up like these folks who are about to call prison their new home.

19 Crazy Confessions From People Headed To Prison

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The lesson here is just to try and not break the law, as much as we want to sometimes.

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