Start With This | The Trail Model Down Hooded Parka by L.L. Bean

The Trail Model Down Hooded Parka by L.L. Bean is the perfect coat to pick up half way through winter. While it doesn’t seem like it, the days have been getting longer since the end of December, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the cold weather woods. If you decided to skip getting a new, stylish coat this year and are now deeply regretting it, you can pick this one up for just $149, and have a great looking final layer until the ground thaws.

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The fatigue green parka will look exceptionally well when worn with military-inspired accessories, like the Lancaster Bomber watch by Avi-8. Available in four equally neutral, wear-with-anything colors, we dig the army green. It matches perfectly to a key item you should always have on you: chapstick. Try the original Hudsalve Military Balm, made in Denmark, and when emptying your pockets at the end of the night, do so into the Base Valet tray.