The Greatest ’90s Toys For Boys

Photo: Kenner & Denys Fisher

With Christmas literally around the corner, now seems like a time to brew a warm mug of nostalgic over the days we used to believe in Santa Claus and feverishly unwrap gifts and toys as if we’ve never received a single present in our lives.

While all of this happened, our parents would sit their, piping hot coffee in hand, and watch as our spoiled adolescent asses unwrapped gift after gift, believing the majority of them came from an illusive and jolly figure we’ve read about in the books, when really your parents were the ones who spent the cold hard cash, getting no credit whatsoever.

It’s a shitty deal, considering the average shopper spends an average of $839 on gifts. But there your parents are, amidst the cannabolic commercialism of the year’s biggest holiday, feeding into the legend of a man who doesn’t exist. It’s almost admirable, in a way.

But now that we understand the truth, let’s revisit some of the best gifts to ever be placed under our trees by our parents, who’d wait in line at 6AM to get you the toy you so desperately wanted, and spent hundreds of dollars so that we didn’t have a shitty Christmas and could brag about our loot to other neighborhood children. 

The Greatest ’90s Toys For Boys

Let me now sound like my father: “I sure miss the good old days.”

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