Here Are 18 Sex In An Uber Confessions

Photo: yanyong (Getty)

So Uber recently wanted to remind everyone not to have sex in their cars, but that obviously hasn’t stopped many folks from doing just that because there are still plenty of people getting down and dirty all while on the way to their destination.

We know that Uber drivers have to deal with a lot, and that has been made clear by many incidents — incidents such as the Uber driver who lost his mind after an idiot provoked him, as well as that time that drunk as all hell woman tried to hijack an Uber driver’s car. And those are just a few incidents. Uber drivers also have to deal with their customers having sex their car. Although sometimes that is not such a bad thing, as that is made quite evident by the confessions below of folks that have done the deed while on one of those Uber rides.

So thanks to Whisper, check out the Uber hookup confessions below.

Here Are 18 Sex In An Uber Confessions

uber sex confessions13

uber sex confessions1


uber sex confessions2


uber sex confessions6


uber sex confessions14


uber sex confessions12


uber sex confessions3


uber sex confessions8


uber sex confessions5


uber sex confessions9


uber sex confessions16


uber sex confessions11


uber sex confessions4


uber sex confessions18


uber sex confessions10


uber sex confessions7


uber sex confessions15


uber sex confessions17

So the lesson is that Uber cars can also double as the location of your next sex romp. I don’t know if that’s really a lesson but it’s the best that I have at the moment.

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