So Here Is How Many Times You’ll Have Sex In Your Lifetime

When it comes to sex, people seriously do some odd things. Take for example the woman who thought it would be a good idea to drop her pants at a children’s dinosaur exhibit and have sex with a t-rex. And then of course there was the guy who quit his job by hooking up with his boss’s daughter and showing to everyone on Facebook. I don’t know where I was going with that but the point is that people like sex, and lots of it. But how often will a person have sex before they exit this world?


Most people have lost count of how many sexual partners they’ve had, and obviously they never kept track with how many times they had sex to begin with, but according to a study done by cash back sire Quidco, they are claiming to know how many times the average person will have sex in their life.

Ready to see how many times? Here you go:

5,778 times.

Man, I have some work to do.

And here are some more numbers:

We’ll  fall in love 6.5 times and have eight romantic partners. That said, using the national life expectancy of 83 years, it also means we’ll be dumped about 5.5 times in our life. That sure is a lot of ice cream we are going to go through.

And we will also sleep for 181,770 hours (20.8 years), take 2,689 selfies and even spend 52,502 hours (six years) on social media before we die. Which I’ve already surpassed by about 100,000 hours. Thanks, stats!

h/t FHM

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