These Pictures Illustrate How Being In Your 30s Is Better Than Your 20s

Hey, folks in your 30s, it might have felt terrible to wake up this morning, but don’t feel so bummed out about getting older. The good people at Lifehack want to remind you that being in your 30s is way better than being in your 20s. And since I’m in my 20s, I can at least look forward to not being as miserable moving forward. Right? Right!?

The pictures below do a great job of illustrating the major differences between the two crucial decades in your life. Check them out to discover how being in your 30s is a positive thing, while your 20s–in hindsight at least–may have been way worse than you realized:

How Being In Your 30s Is Better Than Your 20s

being in your 30s






being in your 30s








being in your 30s

In conclusion, being in your 20s sucks. The 30s are indeed where it’s at. Don’t let anyone who gets depressed once they hit the big 3-0 get away with it. Clearly the best is yet to come for them, but they just don’t know it yet because they just spent the last 10 years as a stupid 20-something with no clue. Of course, once they hit 40, let them behave however they want because that’s got to be awful.

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