Sexy Mother’s Post-Baby Stomach Looks Absolutely Stunning, But Is It Photoshopped?

“Is it fake?” is the question a lot of people are asking after they see the before and after photos of fitness blogger Tammy Hembrow’s post-baby stomach. A 22-year-old mother of two, she was able to drop to her pre-pregnancy weight very quickly – something many believe to be extremely unhealthy, if not impossible. But let’s not jump to any conclusions until we see the photos from Tammy’s Instagram page.

(photo via Instagram)

OK, so attaining a body like that so soon after giving birth may seem like a bit of a stretch, but is it? According to one personal trainer named Micka who works at MM Fitness London, “She’s got a naturally petite body, but I can understand why people would think this particular photo is Photoshopped.” She then went on to elaborate, “Tammy Hembrew could very well have achieved this figure only two months after giving birth and others also could – but it’s not something I would ever advise people to strive for.” She goes on, “I can’t say whether she achieved this by only doing a safe amount of exercise whilst and post pregnancy, but what I must say is that after giving birth, excessive exercise can affect the amount of milk you produce, so it’s not advised in the first month or two after birth.”

(photos via Instagram)

Solid explanation aside, that won’t stop the naysayers. “God does no one understand that the body doesn’t do that in two months, she’s clearly Photoshopped this pic,” complained one potentially jealous comment. “I’m crying – look at her arm,” said another of the side by side comparison above.

(photos via Instagram)

But at the end of the day, it all seems to boil down to the individual. No two bodies are exactly the same, as Micka went on to explain in detail: “My partner’s sister-in-law is a mother and PT and she also returned to her pre-pregnancy weight very quickly after giving birth. Some people were shocked and had negative things to say about this, but for her this was the way her body was.” And as far as Tammy is concerned, “I’ve lost a lot of muscle but I’m pretty happy with my postpartum body so far! So many women think you can’t get your body back after pregnancy but this just isn’t true.” After seeing the photographic evidence, we’d be inclined to take her word for it.

(h/t Metro)

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