Georgia Man Busted Having Sex With Goat

Damn, girl. Those are some nice…hooves?

According to The Smoking Gun, a 65-year-old Douglasville man owns “a lot of goats.” And he apparently likes to have sex with them.

Georgia man arrested for sex with goat
Police said Freddie Wadsworth really took a liking to a “white in color female goat” this time around, and he decided to plow it in “broad daylight.” There are obviously many problems with that, one of which is that people tend to see you when the sun is up, and sure as shit, that was indeed the case this time around.

Upon witnessing Wadsworth take the goat to pound town, two horrified neighbors living across the street called 911. The responding police officers were forced to initially label the incident as an indecent exposure episode because there apparently isn’t a list of laws in the “man bangs goat” category.

Wadsworth was eventually booked on a felony bestiality charge and could wind up spending somewhere between one to five years behind bars if he’s convicted.

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