Los Angeles Weather Woman Forced To Put Sweater On For Looking Hot In Her Dress

I guess if you don’t wear ski pants and a turtleneck you aren’t allow to give a weather report.

Liberté Chan, a weather reporter for Los Angeles news station KTLA, was stopped mid-report and handed a gray sweater after her off-screen co-anchor, Chris Burrous complained that they were “getting a lot of emails” about the dress.

It’s an awkward situation. Check out Chan’s confused reaction below:

“Everyone’s got an opinion about your dress this morning,” Burrous adds, with Chan responding: “Alright, well the other dress didn’t work, so…I had to wear something.”

The woman is there to tell a bunch of idiots if it’s going to rain or not. Let her wear whatever the hell she wants while doing it, and Burrous can continue to wear the ties he buys in bunches from the clearance section at Kmart.

Here’s a longer clip of Chan’s reaction:

h/t Someecards

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