Michigan State Professor’s Sexts On Projector Refer To His ‘Tent Pole’

His game is almost as impressive as his lack of awareness.

According to Total Frat Move, a professor at Michigan State University was about to begin a lecture using the classroom projector when his sexts between him and a coworker with a “bod so hot, she’s gotta keep it covered up” popped up on the screen.

michigan state professor tent pole on projector
Either this professor just finished watching “The Ring,” or his face has been blurred out for legal reasons. Regardless, the sexts on the screen are also rather blurry, but the guys at TFM have transcribed exactly what this guy’s students had the pleasure of reading.

Man: And I got the hiding part. I just know if I knew you had them on as we were going through our day, I’d have a tent pole in the front of my pants all day…

Woman: That would be awkward for students

Man: Yeah, Just let me know after I lecture so I can sit at my desk the rest of the day

Woman: *Thumbs Up*

Man: *Bomb Emoji* shell

Man: You’re *Fire Emoji*

Man: Believe me?

Woman: Some days

Hey, if you’re one of this professor’s students, you’ve been warned: Don’t ever, and I mean ever, look under his desk, especially when he’s sitting there.

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