West Virginia Woman to Have 37th Surgery in Quest to be ‘Human Barbie’

There is so much plastic in her now that they might have to recycle her when she dies.

According to the Daily Mail, 46-year-old mother-of-six Lacey Wildd from West Virginia is gearing up for her 37th surgery in her never-ending effort to become the “Human Barbie.”

Surgery number 37 will also be her 13th boob job, as she’s looking to enhance those puppies to a QQQ size.

But Wildd isn’t focusing all of her energy and money on just her breasts this time around. She’s also in the midst of a crazy diet that will hopefully take her down to a size three or size zero when she is finished. So far, she has lost 20 pounds in just six weeks.

For good measure, Wildd also disclosed that she has spent $30k on butt implants.

“I want to have the most extreme body in the world,” Wildd said. “I want to be a walking cartoon character. But I know I have to be careful.”

Wildd said that she had been turned down by a doctor who said that another surgery on her breasts would “ruin her body,” but she luckily found somebody willing to take that chance. No word if the surgery will take place in an actual doctor’s office or in the alley behind the local Kmart.

And if you’re wondering who this mystery woman is in the photo below, that’s Wildd before the operations.

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