The Most Expensive Child Support Payments of Celebrities

It isn’t easy being a good daddy (or mommy), but it’s probably more difficult writing a fat check every month when you’re paying some of the most expensive child support payments around. For every guy with a little extra cash in his pocket, let this be a lesson to think twice before trying to pass off that bubblegum wrapper as a condom. Here are ten famous celebs with very expensive parenting bills.

Charlie Sheen: $110K/month

Charlie Sheen was paying a reported $55K for two daughters to Denise Richards and another $55K to Brooke Mueller for their twin boys. However, it was reported in early 2014 that Sheen quit paying the court-ordered support to Richards because she wouldn’t let him near his kids, and then he allegedly planned to sell their house (in his name) because he bought it to be close to the kids.

Donald Trump: $950K/year

The “Celebrity Apprentice” host is paying upwards of $1 million each year in support payments to two fortunate women. He pays $300K to ex, Marla Maples, for child support and another $650K to Ivana for child and spousal support. Those kids are old as hell now! That’s an expensive love life, Donald, not to mention the amount of money it costs to keep that hair in shape.

Eddie Murphy: $60K/month

Eddie Murphy is amongst the list of famous men to father illegitimate kids, but he also pays a hefty reported $59K and change per month to former Spice Girl Mel B. to keep the kid out of his personal life.

Paul McCartney: $70K/year

That might not seem like a lot, but Sir McCartney already gave his former wife, Heather Mills, nearly $48 million in a divorce settlement, in addition to the annual child support for their 11-year-old daughter, Beatrice. That should help with Mills’ reported yearly spending an average of $400K on private flights, $80K on fine wines and $250K on clothing.

Britney Spears: $20K/month

In addition to $15K each month for spousal support to her loser ex Kevin Federline, Britney also pays $20K for child support. Either he has a really good lawyer or she’s a real sh*tty mom. Maybe both. Got to support that fedora-wearing habit of his. That guy put on some weight when fedoras went out of style. Must’ve taken it pretty hard.

Russell Simmons: $40K/month

The Def Jam co-founder pays $20K each month for his two kids, along with a new car (value $60K or more) for each every three years. Good thing the music business is booming for record labels, Russell.

P. Diddy: $42K/month

Sean Combs may be a questionable reality show star, but he’s a damn good check writer, paying more than $40K each month for child support. He was paying former model Kim Porter $20K for his rights to (illegitimately father) their child, and then in 2005, his ex-girlfriend Misa Hylton-Brim received a bump from about $5K per month to $20K, most likely when she found out what Kim was getting. All this, plus the artist formerly known as Puff Daddy is covering tuition, insurance and all legal fees to his ex, Porter.

Nas: $25K/month

Rapper Nas has been paying child and spousal support after his divorce from ex-wife Kelis in the amount close to $50K. That was until Nas convinced the courts he wasn’t making much money and they cut the required payments in half, now just $25K per month. Still a lot of dough.

50 Cent: $25K/month

Rapper Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, is paying a hell of a lot more than that to his ex-girlfriend with whom he had a baby, now a teen son, Marquise. With that kind of child support, you’re less likely to see him in the club, and the only bottle full of “bub” is likely the one in the bathtub with its respective rubber duckies.

Mel Gibson: $20K/month

The “Braveheart” actor currently pays $20K each month to his ex, Oksana Grigorieva. Gibson has recently been attempting to gain more custody, though, as she has pleaded with courts that she has debts close to half a million dollars after filing for bankruptcy four years ago.