The Rob Ford Video Game Is Even Better Than It Sounds

Why would you even think about working today if your company’s IT department hasn’t blocked the new Rob Ford “Crackathon” video game yet?

Well, at least that’s what some people have to say about it on Twitter:

That’s right, kids. Toronto mayor Rob Ford has his own online video game that’s almost as basic as he is. For free – and that’s really the most important part – you and your friends can go to to play “Crackathon,” where you can collect crack pipes, marijuana leaves and bottles of booze while trying to steer clear of police officers and citizens with video cameras.

Crackathon Rob Ford Online Video Game

The goal is to amass the highest party score possible by using your computer’s arrow keys to collect the pipes, leaves and bottles before your public opinion rating runs out. But when it does, you’ll be impeached (even though Canadian mayors cannot be impeached).

The game is filled with actual sound clips from Rob Ford, and it can really take your afternoon to the next level.

Oh, and in case you’ve been hibernating, Rob Ford is still the mayor of Toronto even though videos of him smoking crack surfaced last year.

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