What is Amazon Dash? New Delivery Service Lands in UK

Amazon Dash has now officially arrived in the UK, allowing Prime subscribers in the origin to make use of the new push-button delivery service.

Amazon Dash aims to prevent Prime members from running out of various frequently purchased commodities, by way of buttons that can be placed around the home which allow for instant orders of certain products. Each button is linked to a product, ranging from toilet paper to instant coffee, with the buttons connecting to your Amazon account via Wi-Fi and instantly ordering their designated item when you press them. Amazon has also made the Dash buttons child-proof by ensuring that the same order placed within a 24 hour period will be ignored, so you needn’t worry about waking up to find your home suddenly flooded with tea bags.

Though there have been criticisms of the Dash – namely that it may turn all of us into those gelatinous blob-like humans from Wall-E – there’s no denying the convenience of being able to swiftly order a household necessity without having to journey to your local supermarket or even access your smartphone to make an online order. Amazon hopes that the Dash will eventually slot into the everyday lives of Prime subscribers, though given that only premium brands are currently available for the service, there certainly isn’t the variety of price ranges offered by supermarkets.


Around 40 brands are currently on board with Amazon Dash, though considering that 150 have joined the scheme in America we can expect plenty more to jump on board over the coming months. Each button costs £4.99, but the cost of the button is taken off the product they’re linked with in the form of a discount.

Eventually Amazon is looking to have every facet of the home represented by these Dash buttons, with everything from ink printer cartridges through to dishwasher tablets available to be purchased by one press of a button. Amazon Dash is officially active as of this morning, so you can go ahead and purchase them from the online store right now.