Watch This Short Guide Before Shooting a 360 Degree Video

360 degree videos are becoming a big thing on YouTube, what with the likes of Google Cardboard allowing people to view videos on the platform in a whole new way. However, while there are plenty of videos that utilize this technology in impressive ways, there are just as many that fail to do so. YouTube has therefore released a short guide in order to help 360 degree filmmakers hone their craft.

The guide, posted by YouTube’s Creator Academy, runs through various problems filmmakers face when attempting to shoot a 360 degree video, such as not having actors standing in the “stitch lines,” i.e. the areas of a shot that the camera can’t pick up, ensuring that you don’t take away control from the viewer, and avoiding inflicting motion sickness upon them.

With YouTube currently being home to thousands upon thousands of 360 degree videos – the official YouTube channel for them boasts over 1.5 million subscribers – there’s plenty to learn for those looking to begin filming in the format. Get your self up to speed by watching the short tutorial below:

If you want to see a 360 degree video done properly, then you can always check out our own 360 interview with graffiti icon RISK below: