Dapper Denim | A Deconstructed Look For Every Occasion

There’s no need to wear these ripped and tattered jeans with caution. New styles from brand favorites Afends, Agolde and Adrienne Goldsmeid, among others, are giving you a good reason to show some leg. Or knee. The fits come in a diverse array of options, and you may be surprised at just how put together you can look, even when your jeans appear to have gone through years of torture. 

Super skinnies, like The Essential Mark by Golden, pair well with something slightly oversized. Try a plain tee, crewneck or a button down that’s not too fitted. But if you would prefer a pair with a little bit of room to move, we recommend cuffing your jeans at the bottom to get that perfect ankle-crop length. Try the Chitch Jean by Ksubi or the Original 1969 Deconstructed Vintage Slim Fit by Gap as great options to wear with a tighter fitting collared shirt or skinny sweater.

Get a sharp laid-back look with ease. Plus if you fall down jumping a fence while taking a short cut home from the bar, you will just be adding to the unique markings of your new favorite pair of jeans