Dapper Denim | Fabric-Brand & Co., Purveyors of Artisanal Denim

Those who appreciate the mantra of, “Do one thing and do it well,” will have an instant fondness for denim maker Fabric-Brand & Co. While the name might be simple, as is the product line, the attention to detail and craftsmanship of each piece they make is undeniable. The company doesn’t make fabric, they make jeans, and they only make jeans. But the fabric they use to make the jeans will give some insight into the brand’s name.

The fabric is sourced from the historic Japanese district of Kojima, and it is produced using both traditional and modern Japanese methods. The fabric is spun, woven, and slow-dyed by hand, giving these denim pants a distinct look and feel.

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The merger of Japanese artistry and modern style comes together in the Fabric-Brand & Co. designs, which range from understated to prominently worn and aged. For those looking for a work appropriate pair, the Zack, made with traditional Sashiko fabric, is a 5-button business-ready version. But for something a little more eccentric, the Max is fully broken in and isn’t afraid to show it.

When your jeans have this much thoughtfulness invested in them, it may be doubly hard to determine what to wear them with. While the answer is anything, go for a classic look and give the denim the spotlight by pairing them with a plain and simple, well-made white tee.

Images courtesy of Fabric Brand & Co.