All About M.E. | Chambray Shirts: Keep Cool, Look Cool

Short Sleeve Chambray Shirt by Buck Mason, $106.

Heat waves and humidity make it nearly impossible to keep cool and look cool. Wearing a t-shirt can be gruesome, but trying to dress for the job is even worse. Finding a balance between lightweight materials and work appropriate attire can easily be solved with a chambray shirt.

Chambray is essential for combating those hot sweaty days. The material uses a plain weave pattern than denim and comes in a variety of washes that makes the shirt appropriate to wear in all scenarios.

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During office hours, chambray shirts with a solid wash and very little detail blend perfectly with a suit and tie. During after hours, heavier washes and small embellishments, like buttons and pockets, pair nicely with chinos or the classic denim-on-denim look.

For those few after hours, Buck Mason’s short sleeve chambray shirt is the new go-to. Proudly made in America, co-founder Erik Schnakenberg, says  the material is “a beautiful, 100% cotton chambray fabric that only gets better with age.” The fit is “’tailored in all the right places,” adds co-founder Sasha Koehn.

Along with Buck Mason, brands like Stüssy, Gitman Brothers, and Officine Générale will help keep your style on fleek for the summer.