Dapper Denim | Dr. Denim Jeans

Dr. Denim is probably one of the most comprehensive denim companies that you may have never heard of…until now. The company was actually founded in a basement in Gothenburg, Sweden, by two brothers who had a desire to create a boundary-pushing denim label. The result was a family-run business with an incredibly dynamic product offering. Dr. Denim not only has a wide range of jeans for both men and women, but also chinos, shorts, shirts, knits, jackets – basically, be prepared to be completely re-outfitted.

On the guys side, sticking to the denim line up, fits come in three straight forward silhouettes: Tight Fit, Skin Tight Fit and Regular Fit. At the top of our list, in the Tight category, we really dig the Leon. They have a slim fit, with a slightly dropped crotch (we promise these aren’t hanging down to your knees), are available in a slew of solid colors, and will only run you between $85-100 (pretty reasonable for denim).

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Meanwhile, when you hear “regular fit,” you may think, “boring.” But done by Dr. Denim, regular fit means fitted at the waist with room in the legs, and – while this is optional – you can either go for a cropped version or, as their incredible styling shows, just cuff ‘em up. The Otis is a favorite in this category: a straight and slightly tapered 5-pocket jean, which only comes in black, but it looks so good that way you wouldn’t want them in another color. And the price point? Just $95.

If all this wasn’t good reason to go and get a new pair, let us introduce you to the Dr. Denim Instagram, with a clear design aesthetic and vibe that truly screams European in the best way.

All images courtesy of Dr. Denim Jeans.