Amazon Driver Steals Woman’s Wallet But the Company Denies Responsibility

Update: Amazon have reached out to us to confirm that they are investigating the incident. A statement from the company reads: “We have high standards for our delivery partners and how they serve customers. We are thoroughly investigating this incident and will work closely with law enforcement and the customer to ensure it is fully resolved.”

Original Story: An Amazon driver has been caught stealing the wallet of a customer, but the company has allegedly issued a response stating that they cannot help the victim as they have “over 500 drivers” and are therefore somehow not accountable for this individual’s actions.

The video reportedly depicts an Amazon delivery driver entering an office, before rummaging around in a female employee’s belongings and stealing her wallet. According to a Reddit post made by someone claiming to be the woman’s friend, the driver had requested to use the office’s restroom, before committing the crime as the woman’s back was turned. The friend claimed that although the victim detailed  what had happened to Amazon’s customer services department, they refused to investigate into the matter and denied responsibility.

The comment describing the event reads:

“When she got back she called Amazon. She said that support kept asking her for her order number and asking questions that showed they were not comprehending what she was telling them. She was transferred and the call ended with them telling her that if she did not have a stolen package that they can’t help her. Next step, she called the news and they are going to run the story tomorrow. The News is going to give Amazon a chance to comment and to verify if the guy really was an Amazon employee.”

If true, Amazon’s comments are a disappointing response to being told that one of their employees committed a crime while working for them. However, the above comment seems to indicate that he was not delivering a package to the office, meaning that it could therefore be difficult for the company to track him down given that he wasn’t making a scheduled delivery. The Redditor added that the victim has been in contact with the Seattle police.

Watch the video below: