Amber Heard Says The LAPD Is Lying To Protect Johnny Depp Now

Now its highly likely that Johnny Depp‘s children, ex-wives, past girlfriends, friends, co-workers, lawyers, PR team, female fans, male fans (who are also fans of domestic violence), and the media, are all in a secret, coordinated plot to frame Amber Heard as a manipulative and opportunistic gold digger with the power of “he beat me” behind her. Anything is possible in this world. I just read about a $15K LEGO statue. The tragedy was that LEGO must have forgotten what kids do when they see toys. And the Harambe hashtag people didn’t seem to understand that there’s a lot of shit that happens when a parent turns their head for five minutes. I needed to get that out. Now back to this level of hell. The LAPD have now entered into the secret plot. 

Amber Heard is calling BS on the LAPD, claiming Johnny Depp has the department in his hip pocket. Sources close to Amber say Johnny has a relationship with LAPD cops … they say some have worked off-duty in his security detail.  We’re told Amber is adamant … she had obvious facial injuries when cops responded to the 911 call on May 21, and there is no reason for them to deny it other than to protect Johnny.

This really wouldn’t take much convincing for me, but “sources close to Amber”.  Not much you can do with that unless your narrative forces you to trust “sources close to Amber”. If it does, I’m glad we’re all able recognize our biases. Maybe we can all watch Game 1 together.  

Amber says a witness was present when cops responded. Her name is Raquel Rose Pennington, and Amber says Raquel examined her face which she says had “a significant injury with redness and swelling.”

Raquel Rose is Amber Heard’s best friend. She came out of a four-hour meeting with Heard’s lawyer looking like this. I’m not saying that means anything, but if Johnny Depp and his children, ex-wives, past girlfriends, and friends came out of a four meeting with Depp’s lawyer looking like this, what would that seem like to you? It would probably seem the same.

Our Amber sources also note the LAPD has changed its story multiple times … first telling the media they never responded to a 911 call involving Amber and Johnny, then saying there was only one call, and later admitting they received 2 calls and sent 2 different sets of officers to her apartment.

The officers who responded keep telling the same story,  and now Heard says she was in an “adjoining unit” when she placed the 911 call. Maybe tell them to check next door? And when they come back, file a report and make them take pictures of your face since you felt safe next door? All that said, you don’t accuse an entire police department of a cover up without knowing full well what that entails, then not caring. God, this shit makes my fucking brain hurt. If Disney hasn’t sent Heard her weight in gold by this time next week, I swear I’m  just gonna let articles about this print out while I Amazon Prime some tacks and different color string. I need to know, man. 

#tbt Why does it always look like Johnny Depp is trying to secretly signal for help? 


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