Johnny Depp Isn’t Trying To Pay Amber Heard Spousal Support

Johnny Depp

I’ll assume you already know that Amber Heard filed for divorce from Johnny Depp and is asking for a “I was a Depp for 15 months” check going forward. Johnny Depp would rather spend his $400M on earrings and scarves, I’m guessing. 

According to the filing obtained by PEOPLE, Depp has asked the judge to refuse Heard’s demand for spousal support. The 52-year-old actor filed the response through his lawyer, Laura Wasser – one of the most high-powered celebrity divorce attorneys in Hollywood.

Wasser could make the case that her client didn’t get much spousal support from Amber Heard when his mom died, but a source, I mean, her publicist tells People:

Amber did what she had to do to take care of herself,” the Heard source tells PEOPLE. “Before Amber met Johnny she was just a regular super cool hipster chick living with roommates who dated girls,” a source tells PEOPLE. “At their engagement party she kind of got cold feet … she was just like what is this scene and what am I doing here? She kind of couldn’t believe it was her life now.

Sounds like a pretty bad existential crisis there. A crisis that she’ll need money to feel better with now that she’s out of the situation that caused the crisis. Or for all stuff she’s gonna buy at Tiffany & Co. Can’t really say for sure.

How did Lily-Rose Depp get dragged into this? Think of the children.