Taylor Swift Had A Speech Prepared For Kanye West At The Grammys

Taylor Swift

There’s really no realistic scenario where Taylor Swift‘s 1989 should have beaten Kendrick Lamar‘s To Pimp A Butterfly for Album Of The Year, except the scenario where Taylor Swift and the Grammys planned this ahead of time so she could use her perfected surprise face to walk on stage and deliver the prepared speech her team wrote for her to passive aggressively talk shit about Kanye West for this. Roll that calculated, focus group tested footage!

In typical Taylor Swift fashion, she doesn’t mention anyone by name when she shits on them, because she’s classy like that. If you don’t respond to one of her texts within ten minutes she’ll write an entire album about you with clues about your identity that can be easily solved with Google. Oh, sorry. I meant, GIRL POWER! Or whatever delusion and shared psychosis this continues to be.