Hilary Duff Finalized Her Divorce

Hilary Duff

In less than a month, Hilary Duff has done this, this, and this. Now we know why. The last set of chains is off that pussy.

Hilary Duff is officially a single woman. Last week, the singer’s divorce from former professional hockey player Mike Comrie, 35, was finalized and legal documents obtained by PEOPLE reveal how the former couple will split their assets.

She will keep their Beverly Hills mansion, but will have to pay Comrie $2,408,786 for his share of the property. She was also awarded the rest of any previously shared property.  

The former NHL star gets to keep his Bentley coupe and Mercedes G-Class SUV, as well as jewelry.

So, Mike Comrie gets $2M, a Bentley, a G-Class, and some jewelry. That should be more than enough to buy another Hilary Duff.