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NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 30: Actress Hilary Duff attends AOL BUILD Speaker Series: The Cast Of "Younger" at AOL Studios In New York on March 30, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Ben Hider/Getty Images)

Hilary Duff Reveals Crazy Cotton-Candy Blue Hair (And Other Celebs Who’ve Tried Wild Hair Hues)

One of the ways women express themselves is through their hair. And some women are more expressive than others. Nowhere is this more visible than in Hollywood, where celebs are constantly changing hair styles and colors. The latest trend among daring ladies is brightly-colored hair from every color of the rainbow. Some go goth or grunge with green locks (Billie Eilish, obviously), while others tap into their inner princess and experiment pink hues. Others channel the Smurfs.

Hilary Duff, the Younger actor who is currently expecting her third child, decided to go with a cotton candy blue mane as she approaches her due date.


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“Well…. you guessed it. The minute I got home from New York I needed a change,” she wrote. “and all I can say is @riawna and @nikkilee901 love me a lot. 1- for saying yes to another crazy change this late in my pregnancy (at least I didn’t cut bangs!) and 2- it took all damn day! Love you guys the most and I swear this doesn’t mean I’m having a boy… my mom thought I was trying to tell everyone something! We still don’t know who’s occupying my apartment- but it’s getting the eviction notice soon-ish”

We believe women should do whatever they want with their hair, their bodies, and anything else. But we don’t have to like it. And we have to be honest: this is not a look. (You’re going to scare the baby!) We hope this hue is short-lived (though given how much time it takes to go from blonde to blue, we’re guessing she’s going to stick with it for a while). Hilary, please, don’t mess with perfection ever again.

In honor of Duff’s crazy new hair color, we rounded up 20 other female celebrities who’ve opted for insane hues.

Cover Photo: Ben Hider / Contributor (Getty Images)

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