Jenny McCarthy Is Probably Single

Let’s forget for a second that the pics in the gallery at the bottom there of Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg at a Halloween festival were taken two days ago, and let’s also forget that OK! is the source for this thing. Hear them out. I even used this banner picture for you. How many people would do that for you? All I’m saying is just read it. Why you gotta be like this? It doesn’t have to be this way.

“He’s had it with her refusal to act like a mature, responsible adult,” says the source. “He always tells her to grow up.” But that isn’t Donnie’s only issue with Jenny. Her 13-year-old son Evan has also been a major source of conflict in the relationship. Naturally, Jenny is very protective of him after he was diagnosed with autism as a toddler, something which she has spoken out about frequently. According to the source, Jenny will say or do anything to make her son happy, but Donnie is also concerned for his well-being and believes more discipline is necessary. “She never says no to him,” the source tells Ok!. “Then, when Donnie tries to be a good stepdad and lay down some ground rules, she ignores him or undermines him.”…Things reportedly got really tough recently during a fight about Evan, when “Donnie realized there is no talking sense into Jenny, so he just turned around and walked out,” said the source. “The truth is, he’s just mentally and emotionally exhausted..”

If you kids would get off my lawn and go look up a clip of Jenny McCarthy when she used to co-host Singled Out with Chris Hardwick (here’s one), you realize she still pretty much acts the same and that was in 1995 when she was kinda expected to act like that. Once you make a bunch of kids die from measles, you probably should act more serious. I would. I’d probably even get a cool mask and chest plate with buttons on it that do different stuff.  As far as Wahlberg not being able to deal with her kid, the dude’s from Boston. He’s probably doesn’t understand why doctors have tried to beat the autism out of him yet. This also applies to southern grandmothers. That being said, while this story seems pretty plausible, Jenny McCarthy’s boobs still look like that and she likes taking them out. Not much Wahlberg can do really.