Jenny McCarthy Reveals the Dark Side of ‘The View’ In New Tell-All Book

Photo: Lou Rocco / Contributor (Getty Images)

Jenny McCarthy is running her mouth again. In a recently published excerpt of Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of “The View” by Ramin Setoodeh, McCarthy tells of how her time as co-host on The View was the “most miserable” of her career, due in no small part to the show’s creator, Barbara Walters, constantly lambasting her in front of everyone. With a waspy lisp like a spiked whip, Walters would chew McCarthy a new one daily, yelling about her outfits and political opinions, the book claims. Walters even accused her once of leaving a tampon in the toilet. McCarthy, being the bigger woman, “took one for the team and…flushed it,” ignoring the signs on the wall that said “No Flushing Tampons.”

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The bullying got so bad that at one point McCarthy had to choose “Where do I stand on all the social issues and political issues? Am I coming out as a Republican or a Democrat?” Non-existent sources close to the story said that when offered a vaccination to protect against Walters’ assaults, McCarthy refused, taking off her shoe and showing producers the #anti-vaxxer tattoo on the bottom of her foot. While she was able to weather the storm of Hurricane Barbara, the book clearly illustrates the indelible mark the experience has left on her psyche.

The controversy got us thinking: If Jenny McCarthy were to write her own tell-all (she has authored several books already, after all), what would it be about?

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