Calvin Harris Spent Two Hours In A Thai Massage Parlor

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was on tour in Houston at the time. This might explain her makeup though.

While Taylor Swift is hard at work on her tour her boyfriend Calvin Harris spent two hours in a Thai massage parlor and has a gallery of him emerging after the lengthy session.

I’m not saying Calvin Harris went in there to get a handjob, but dude looks relaxed as fuck in that gallery. That Syrian kid at the beach didn’t look this relaxed. I guess maybe he could have just went in there to get a massage, but this dude is worth $110M. He could have a Massage Envy building follow him around all day and check it in at the airport. I mean, this is what he used to look like, so maybe some habits just die hard. Those habits, of course, being paying a Thai lady to jerk you off because you don’t have dental insurance and your Proactiv results are taking longer than expected despite what those testimonials said. So I don’t really have high hopes for what’s in this. Netflix has probably never asked Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris a question while they’ve been together. On the bright side, he’s not Josh Duggar? At least he shops around for the best deals.