Taylor Swift Wants To ‘Destroy’ Calvin Harris & Tom Hiddleston On Her New Album

Taylor Swift

You might want to sit down for this, because you’re not gonna believe it, but Taylor Swift is planning to write horrible shit about Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston on her next album. I know, right?! So unlike her. 

“Taylor’s been left fuming and is going to use her next album to restore her reputation and set the record straight,” says one insider. “She says she’ll destroy Calvin and Tom – she’s determined to get payback revealing details which, until now, she’d promised to keep secret.” 

Buy why though? For the most Taylor Swift reason possible: she’s a petulant child with only pettiness to keep her heart beating (her petty fire mixtape of the last calendar year track listing: Track 1, Track 2, Track 3, Track 4). 

Apparently it’s not so much the breakups that have outraged Taylor, but the way both Hiddleston and Harris seemed to welcome the attention that followed their respective splits: “Taylor’s blood was boiling when Tom’s camp waded in with stories slamming her,” the source says. “This was made worse by Calvin’s comments, which felt like another dig, as she said Calvin was twisting the knife when her reputation was already at an all-time low.”

Ugh, why can’t they just let her PR team answer with her usual victimization auto-responder and let her get all the attention? Why do these men always have to tell their side of the story even though she implicitly made them sign the NDA? Maybe the crochet pattern she got off Etsy was hard to read. It might not even be a legal document.