Taylor Swift Might Be Pregnant And Doesn’t Know Who The Daddy Is

According OK!, Taylor Swift is pregnant with somebody’s baby. We don’t know who.  These pics are Taylor Swift at the 2016 CMAs last night. And since I had this story saved before I saw these pics, we’re gonna pretend like I didn’t and just roll with it anyway (via The Inquisitr)

“People are saying she’s pregnant,” the magazine’s insider continued. “While [Taylor Swift] has remained mum on the rumors, her recent behavior is leading some to believe it could be true. One pal describes the singer as ‘super emotional lately’ adding that she’s mostly been staying in at night and avoiding alcohol.”

Super emotional “lately”? I don’t think this insider even knows Taylor Swift. And I thought Taylor usually stays in at night anyway with her cat. I’m calling bullshit.

Continuing, the magazine’s insider claimed Taylor Swift’s alleged weight gain was totally out of character for the singer but suggested that a pregnancy “would make things add up.” Apparently, as the source explained, Taylor Swift has been eating twice as much as she normally does and has cut back on going to the gym. Meanwhile, sources claim the identity of Taylor Swift’s possible baby daddy was said to be unconfirmed.

I don’t know how this chick’s eating habits, but every day there’s pap pics of her going to the gym. Those stopped like three weeks ago. Draw your own conclusions from that. Maybe she’s pregnant or maybe she got some yoga DVDs.

“[Taylor Swift] friends aren’t even sure who the father would be, though their money’s on Calvin Harris. The timing fits for a late-summer reunion with him, which could have prompted her to dump Tom [Hiddleston]. That would put her a few months along,” the insider explained. As for Tom Hiddleston, he’s said to be a “dark-horse candidate to be [Taylor Swift’s] baby daddy.”

If she’s pregnant and Calvin Harris is the daddy, then that’s some Maury shit. Although I don’t really think she’s pregnant since her lawyers would stop any sperm before it hit anything and force it to sign its copyright and a NDA. I guess we’ll see. I’ve put too much thought into this so I’m just gonna hit “publish” now. Good day.