Calvin Harris Arranged A Meeting With Tom Hiddleston, Is Banging Jennifer Lopez

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris reportedly reached out to Tom Hiddleston so they can meet up and “trade war stories about their rough times with Taylor Swift“. Yes, please. 

“Calvin knows what it’s like to fight the Taylor Swift press machine and wants Tom to know that he is not alone,” explained an insider of the DJ, whose 15-month relationship with Swift imploded in May.

Remember when the news broke that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were dating in a staged photo op at her Rhode Island mansion? Then when they broke up three months later, Swift’s rep said it was because Hiddleston wanted to “be more public than she was comfortable with”? Like, that’s a Trump-level lie. His friends know it. 

“He didn’t arrange for the pictures of them kissing on a rock by the beach to get leaked,” blasted a source. “Before meeting her, he knew nothing about staging pictures.”

Meanwhile, it’s hard to keep up with who Calvin Harris is fucking.  First it was Tinashe, then it was Eiza Gonzalez, now it appears to be Jennifer Lopez

“Calvin and Jennifer are very careful to not be seen together,” revealed a source. “It’s very early days, and they’re keeping things on the down-low.” The duo has kept their hookups under wraps by covertly meeting at a Las Vegas hotel and using the excuse of a possible musical project as a convenient excuse for anyone who asks.

His type now appears to be “please god no not another boring white girl with a flat ass”. I agree. Nobody wants that except maybe Pepe.