Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Split Because He’s An Alcoholic Gambler

Ben Affleck‘s degenerate gambling addiction isn’t really a secret, but imagine having to be married to that bullshit. Before they got married, Jennifer Garner won four consecutive Golden Globes. This year she did a Capital One commercial. That’s not a coincidence.

Jennifer Garner reached her breaking point with Ben Affleck’s drinking and gambling and that’s why she pulled the plug on their marriage … sources connected with the couple tell TMZ. Our sources (not surprisingly) have two views of what happened … some align with him and some with her. The Jen sources say Ben’s drinking and gambling have escalated over the last few years to the point “she couldn’t take it anymore.” Ben’s sources also say he likes to drink and loves to gamble … in fact, Ben has rhapsodized about gambling in interviews. Sources say “partying” had nothing to do with their problems. Ben did not go out and did not womanize … Jen complained he just drank and gambled too much.

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