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Jennifer Lopez to Star in New Take on ‘Lord of the Rings’ After Latest Proposal

After announcing her second engagement to Ben Affleck (and sixth overall), J-LO now needs only one more engagement ring to be tied with the GOAT, Tom Brady, for the most rings ever in their respective sports.

Almost immediately, Hollywood was set ablaze by the Bennifer news that a multi-picture movie deal was struck for a new Lord of The Rings film. Romantic comedy fans and fantasy buffs alike were over the moon but admittedly puzzled about this new addition to the Lord of the Rings canon.

Not to be confused with Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings or Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, this trilogy features J-LO as an ageless wonder on a quest to acquire as many rings from as many suitors as humanly possible. Kind of like Thanos but for love instead of genocide. When the publicity finally dies down six months later, Lopez is forced to ask herself if she really wants to marry “this one” when she could simply continue on without enslaving the hearts of men everywhere with much less paperwork.

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While the time many realized it would be genius for a reality series, Does She Really Want To Marry This Dude? was already in production at Sony Studios with Tom Cruise playing the lead man in another juicy semi-biographical summer blockbuster.

“Only a minimal number of couches have been broken in the making of that one,” one source told Mandatory.

“With sequels does it really even matter anymore?” said one studio executive about the spinoff. “I mean, did you see The Matrix Resurrections?”

Anyone want to make a bet on the over/under on this one?

By: Michelle Murad

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