Ireland Baldwin Really Wants You To Buy Her Boyfriend’s T-Shirt

Ireland Baldwin T-shirt


Besides having a stupid, douchey name, Ireland Baldwin's boyfriend, Slater Trout, is a surfer or something. And since he can't twerk in a bikini to sell his t-shirts, he has to get Ireland to put on the shirt and some panties to make you buy something that says, "Slater Trout Is My Homeboy" on it. There's no fine print, but I should let you know that if you buy the t-shirt, Ireland Baldwin in panties doesn't come included in the free shipping. I just want to make sure you know that after you buy this, you'll be walking around in a t-shirt that says, "Slater Trout Is My Homeboy" on it. I just really want to drive that point home to you.


Ireland Baldwin



pic source = Instagram