Demi Moore Can’t Look At A Scale

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Demi Moore isn’t allowed to look at a scale in rehab. Radar Online reports:

When Demi Moore checked into the Cirque Lodge rehab treatment center in Utah for anorexia and an addiction to prescription pills, she wasn’t allowed to see her weight on the scale, and was weighed backwards because her treatment team doesn’t want her focused on how much she weighs, is exclusively reporting. … Demi hit rock bottom after her marriage to Ashton Kutcher ended when he was “It’s common treatment practice at Cirque to not allow patients that are being treated for an eating disorder to see how much they weigh when they step on the scale,” an insider tells “Their weights are taken everyday, sometimes several times a day to make sure that they aren’t losing weight while in treatment. Doctors at Cirque don’t want patients to fixate on their weight. “Eating disorders are all about control, plain and simple. When someone is in the ravages of an eating disorder, their lives are typically out of control. The one thing someone with an eating disorder believes they can control in their lives, is food. Demi isn’t being forced fed or chastised for not wanting to eat though. The counselors at Cirque are working on giving Demi a safe and controlled environment, she is getting the best care possible. She is also dealing with an addiction to prescription medication, and she has a comprehensive team taking care of her.”

That’s all fine and good, but one thing Demi Moore should be forced to look at in rehab is her birth certificate. Her obsession with youth isn’t a secret, and it’s pretty idiotic. Please don’t start on the pressures of fame. If Hollywood’s ageism is a problem, then stop chasing men 20 years younger and focus on your actual acting ability (Meryl Streep has no problem getting work), learn a trade, or retire gracefully. You have the choice to either be another year older or to be dead. It shouldn’t be this tough of a decision.