Demi Lovato Is About To Start Cutting Herself Again

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Wilmer Valderrama has reportedly dumped Demi Lovato after banging her for a while after she got out of rehab. Because emotionally unstable girls will give up the ass for a little while. Anybody have a kitchen knife and some cocaine lying around? Demi might be interested. People reports:

Although the duo never officially confirmed their relationship, sources tell Us Weekly that the pair “are no longer hooking up.” In November, Lovato, 19, and Valderrama, 31, were spotted making out in front of the 70’s Show star’s L.A. home. Sources tell Us that the pair reunited on several occasions after Lovato was released from a treatment facility in January 2011.

Hey, you know when chicks get dumped then they suddenly become strong, independent women overnight and tell everybody on Twitter and Facebook how they don’t need a man while they’re crying and holding their cat and eating ice cream and pizza oh hey look at this People says:

Lovato, 19, went from Tweeting her excitement about People’s Choice Awards rehearsals to posting about staying independent from the opposite sex. “A wise girl kisses but doesn’t love, listens but doesn’t believe, and leaves before she is left,” the former Disney starlet, quoting Marilyn Monroe, re-Tweeted one of her followers early Tuesday morning. Just minutes after the Tweet that appeared to come out of nowhere, Lovato then posted, “The smartest thing a woman can ever learn, is to never need a man.”

Have you ever seen those movies or read those books where a poor village is besieged by a dragon then they offer their best crops and furs to Wilmer Valderrama to slay the dragon? Yeah, Wilmer Valderrama’s life is just like that except replace “dragon” with “teen Disney pussy”.


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