Christina Hendricks Doesn’t Think She’s A Sex Symbol

Self-aware. That’s sexy. New York Daily News reports:

“Men don’t really approach me much … ” she said on “The View” Wednesday, revealing that it is actually the ladies who tend to come on strong. “Women do come up and they sort of – they’re flirtatious with me,” she said. “It’s funny.” When the co-hosts commended Hendricks, 36, for her “sultry” strut often seen on the AMC show, the actress admitted she’s not consciously trying to be seductive. “I think I was just trying to get across the room in a tight dress,” she said. Sherri Shepherd also called Hendricks inspiring for being shapely, unlike many of the “little thin things” the talk show usually features. “It sounds silly to me,” she said when asked what she thinks about being labeled a sexy symbol. “It’s incredibly flattering,” the TV star added before attributing her image to “Mad Men” and “how stylish it is.” Joy Behar wondered whether Hendricks had received any offers to appear in Playboy. “They haven’t asked me,” she answered, “or if they asked me, no one told me about it.”

Men don’t approach her? Well, clutch my pearls. I thought she was suppoed to be a sex symbol and the prototype of what every man desires in the female form. Turns out it’s just lesbians. Because normally when you mix jagged yellow teeth, corpse skin, a lazy eye, jacked up feet, and 250 pounds together, you won’t need to consult a physician to get your erection down.


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