Jessica Simpson Might Be Engaged

Jessica Simpson attended a party at Puff Daddy Puffy P. Diddy Diddy’s house on Friday, and based on a toast with her friends, speculation has begun that Simpson and Tony Romo are about to get engaged.

Without her Dallas Cowboy boyfriend Tony Romo to keep her in check, Simpson cracked the whip on the arm of pal Zach Braff until the wee hours. Her former assistant CaCee Cobb and Cobb’s “Scrubs” beau Donald Faison toasted to a great night and (interestingly) Jessica’s “happiness.” “I have never felt better,” the blonde bombshell was heard telling the close-knit group, adding that she was “just so excited.” Jess was toasting with a glass of champagne, so we’re assuming she isn’t “expecting”…but could an engagement ring be en route?”

I’m not sure how they got “Jessica Simpson is getting married” from this, but whatever. I’m much more concerned about why my shirts have heavy starch when I specifically asked for light. I guess my maid Consuela doesn’t want to be reunited with her family after all. Do you, Consuela?

Jessica Simpson and CaCee Cobb’s nipples: