Jessica Simpson Should Be Worried

Before he started questioning his own sexuality, Tony Romo used to date Carrie Underwood. Carrie Underwood is now single. Guess who she wants to get with now? Catfight! Daily News says:

Jessica Simpson loves Tony Romo. Tony Romo seems to love Jessica back. BUT Tony’s family loves Tony’s ex-girlfriend Carrie Underwood, and Carrie Underwood is newly single and rumored to be interested in reuniting with Tony. Jessica Simpson better watch her man’s back.”

Last time I checked, women can buy a pair of DDs, so if I was Jessica Simpson I wouldn’t feel real confident about my only redeeming asset right about now. Actually, if I was Jessica Simpson, I’d take a bath with a downed power line, but more to the point, Carrie Underwood is hot. She’s a fresh-faced piece of ass with the voice of an angel. Meanwhile, Jessica Simpson is a drunk unconvincing drag queen who, based on the circumstantial evidence, probably got finger banged by her dad at one point. C’mon Tony. Everybody knows that choosy penises choose Carrie Underwood.


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